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Sunday, January 5, 2014

This Ride is a wild one

                  What a year or 2( according to my last blog) it has been. So much has happened..some good ,some not so good but Ill leave those stories for a quiet day....and there are lots of stories to tell.

                   2014 started with a bang .Mother Nature decided to help Newfoundland start its yearly kitchen party(when the power goes that is where everyone huddles)
     The first storm of the year brought high winds and roughly 39cm of snow. It has left 100,000 people with no power so all hell has broken out. Its like a bunch of rats looking for a piece of cheese.The gas has run low, the food is in shortage and patience is long gone.
I was given the opportunity to be chauffeured around town so I could take pics and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time..I couldn't refuse. I grabbed my coat ...took the boys to their great grandparents and jumped in the truck and hoped my battery was fully charged. I could barely stand up to take this pic, the wind was so high and Im pretty sure I had icicles inside my nose and eyes.But it was all worth it.Mother Nature takes away but she also gives back..such beauty!