Don't expect to find anything too riveting here..Im a mother not a writer:))

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Road less travelled

         I sit here in the dark with blinders on, holding a flashlight ,looking down the long dark road I had chosen almost 3 years ago. I look for clues,breadcumbs to guide my way but there is nothing..not a footprint, broken branch,piece of torn fabric..nothing to let me know that I am not alone but it
is pitch dark..there is no way back I must move forward and hope that every decision is the right one or it will all be for nothing.
    I choose to keep the blinders on for I dont want to see the hurt I am causing to benefit the happiness of the innocent.I know it is the right thing but that doesnt lesson the heartache inside knowing that I have chosen one life over anothers.
      I can only hope that the bigger picture will be revealed one day and that I left enough breadcrumbs for him to find his way back.

Happy Birthday little men, know that you are loved my many, and you are the reason for this journey we are on.ox