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Saturday, June 25, 2016

The day the Sunshine stopped shining

     I was so excited, for the first time in many years I was ready for "man in fat red suit day" ( I will never be able to celebrate that day again as it should be). The house was clean , baking was done and all the presents were wrapped..just waiting.
      The kids were all happy and enjoying being around each other. I took notice of the girls actually sitting on the couch together ( they usually cant even be in the same room as one another).. They were laughing at some stupid thing I had said.I sat in the living room with them , marvelling at their chatter, and feeling the love they had for each other..even commenting on how it should always be like this ( laughing, smiling, no hair pulling or scratching). They laughed and chatted about secrets, showed off their tattoos  and piercings,poking fun at me and discussing what  plans they had for the day.Jhessi even invited her little sister to go for a drive to get food for the pets and probably last minute shopping..I was so happy to hear it as it never happens and thought this was the turning point in their relationship....but sadly Alyssa declined as she had already made plans..How I wish she had gone with her! wish I could turn back time and be a mother and force her to go with her big sister
     I was going to have the best  Dec 25th that we could ever have. Then Life as I know it crashed all around me.
     Dec 23 2015 10:20 pm.. the phone rang.. it was Jhessi screaming.... time stopped forever and my life was destroyed