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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hair Raising Day

       It has been a 911 kind of day. First this darn migraine wont let go of me..I swear I can feel every hair move to the beat of its own drum. Maybe its the change in atmosphere, the decisions to  be made about the swim team, wondering if my baby girl will be pissed if I make the wrong choices for her for her swimming ...but whatever the cause is -----enough already!!!!
       I want to thank Nfld Light and Power for their contribution to my overall decling health by sending their lovely thank you note for using their resources...aka "THE BILL"...I think I fainted or had a stroke after seeing those lovely numbers jump off the page to greet me...HOLY MUDDER was I housing a soccer team that I didn't know about..really who can use that much kw in a month? It must be wrong. There has been too much snow for the electricity guy to actually walk up and manually check out the meters so he must have fudged mine :)). Does 3 30 minute showers use tat much? nahhh cant be.  So after 911 was called to resuscitate me  the day went on as normal....cooked the girls ordered meal--scalloped potatoes and knitted a scarf while I waited for it to cook...I hate wasting time on anything.
      I try to explain to the kids..turn off the tvs at night, wear a sweater instead of cranking the heat up on bust, 15 minutes is enough time to wash and condition your hair if you shave your legs while the conditioner is on hahaha.They weren't impressed with me..such is life ..what else is new. I could never be the voice of reason for them as I seem to know nothing of importance.  I tell them nothing in life is free ..except for 'static" electricity.....if they keep it up Ill have to sell them:)) good thing I love them ox
Its been a hair raising day in more ways than 1