Don't expect to find anything too riveting here..Im a mother not a writer:))

Monday, January 6, 2014

Calm before the storm

What a beautiful sunny day to wake up to. As usual, the first thing I do is look out my bedroom window to see what the day has in store for me and thanks to Santa for bringing me a bird feeder , I now start off looking to see what wonders mother nature has brought to join me for breakfast...nada!
     The few quiet moments I usually have to wake up seem to have now been taken away as the twins have discovered how to take the child proof door knob thinga majiggers off.(good thing they are cute haha)So long Tetley..was nice knowing you.
   I decided to switch it up today...they wanted to change the routine? OKAY..the girls are sleeping so why not keep the house quiet . I ran around trying to gather up all their gear as it is a cold one...God I hate winter and all the clothing that it requires but  I am cutting off my nose to spite my face so to speak--must get out of the house!
     They remind me to take my if I could forget :)) and off we go..into the wild!! We start off with a visit to their snow tunnel, then to the slide doesn't seem to bother them that it is covered in 3 feet of snow. Snap a pic here and there and then drag them away for a walk with the promise of seeing some animals...Oh my God there is so much snow.........they love to hear the crunching under their boots but darn it they hate when they do a face plant in the snow...they are like the turtles..cant get up without rolling over...Im going to hell for letting them struggle for a few minutes just incase they actually can get up but I know they cant . After 3hours outside,purple faces and worn out legs I managed to drag them back in with the promise of hot chocolate and snack time.....its going to be a long day!