Don't expect to find anything too riveting here..Im a mother not a writer:))

Thursday, January 9, 2014

No brainer

            We often wonder if the little ears and eyes are paying attention to everything that you do. I know they do but am not always aware of it .
            How is it they cant hear you when  you yell out to them but can hear you when you whisper those silent jumpin' jesus when you stub your toe or pick up the dinkies that are strewn around the room for the 20th time for the day?
             Yesterday was busy as swimming started up despite the rolling blackout warnings and school would be reopening today so Mom that is why the blog didn't happen.I did however take a pic to show how our actions are noticed by others:)) and no Tetley for me once again.
              So back to the 530 am swim practice and of course it would be the only morning in 3 weeks that the little men decided they would sleep in.I used to love getting up every second morning to watch the team practice..loved the dedication and determination the kids showed..but unfortunately life threw me a  few curve balls a few years ago that has stripped me of energy, enthusiasm and time.So now mornings are like the tim hortons drive-thru lol..drop off and pick up. I do miss the time I spent getting to know all the kids..great bunch they are .BUT I like those few extra minutes of shut eye more..shame on me and my selfish ways.
          Now back to bed for me as this migraine  is going to be the death of me and decisions have to be made wether to cut off my right or left leg to pay for all the swim meets coming up..after all this body is too old and crippled to sell on the street corner anymore lol. I wonder if I could sell a kidney around here lol
So much for my relaxing few minutes watching the birds and enjoying my Tetley....copycat slurpers!