Don't expect to find anything too riveting here..Im a mother not a writer:))

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day of Reflection

           I thought for sure I would get to sleep in this morning or had high hopes of doing so..The boys went to bed late and with talks of a freezing rain storm hopes were high for a great slumber...I was almost positive that I had just fallen asleep 5 minutes before I  heard..creek,creek, .wtf is that I thought? peeked through slightly shuttered eyes and saw them.....I must be dreaming or was hoping I was. I looked at the alarm clock 5:00 am..I tried everything but promising them cookies for breakfast  THEY WERE NOT GOING TO GO TO SLEEP.....and so my day starts.
            Mother Nature was not cooperating today...but I was prepared with Mr. Wooly socks and Ms Tetley Tea....sat by the window for a few minutes of reflection...who am I kidding...I sat there laughing to myself....I was soo close to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....3 more years of high school and all my kids would be finished and here I am doing it again ( they are worth it and I would do it all over) but all I asked for was 5 more minutes in bed lol.
             I try not to dwell on the past few years of my life ..dealing with fibro, car accident, cancer and raising my grandboys...but quiet mornings make it hard not to think  why me....bang bang,,ma he hit me snaps me right out of my misery and into their chaos..thank god I love  them ox