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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Soul Searcher

With a housefull of people and armloads of responsibilities there are days I wish I could turn back time.  I think if only I had stayed true to what I wanted to do I would have been designing clothes at some wild eccentric fashion far away from newfoundland on a warm and sunny island...not sitting at home washing clothes, driving to swim practices,eluding sleep,dealing with attitude from hormonal frightening teenage girls who can only manage to growl out what/ or give me their ever so sweet eye roll of shame,having to make sure the fridge is stocked and bellies are full. Washing someone elses body functions off the walls or toilets and showers. I daydream to what colors I would choose for the crazy outfits Id make or the places I would visit.I would be someone important..not just a mother.
     I finally get to sit down after 15 hours or so of non stop craziness and I look around...I am a designer...I get to mold and design their little brains,draw plans up for their amazing lives I hope they live,help give them the options of what runway they will walk down and let the world see what amazing creatures I have made..they are colorful, free-willed,full of the unknown..they are my works of I guess I have followed the  path I wanted  and have been artistic to a certain degree ....I am someone important to the most important people to me.. I am their mother...


  1. love your last blog and you are a very important person being a mother is one of the most famous, important, loving things in life and you prove that each and every day in everything you do - never sell yourself short - you are so fantastic it amazes me how you do so much for others

  2. Hey girl absolutely love this......<3